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Forex analysis examines the changes in currency pair prices and attempts to isolate which direction prices are going and where they may go in the future. In the forex market, traders buy and sell currencies with the goal of making a profit. 

When the price of a product you want to buy goes up, it affects you. But why does the price go up? Is demand greater than supply? Does the cost go up because of the raw materials needed to make it? Or, is it a war in an unknown country that affects the price? To answer these questions, we need to turn to macroeconomics.

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies the economy as a whole.

Macroeconomics focuses on three things: national output, unemployment, and inflation.

Governments can use macroeconomic policy including monetary and fiscal policy to stabilize the economy.

Central banks use monetary policy to increase or decrease the money supply and use fiscal policy to adjust government spending.

Macroeconomics is very complicated, with many factors that influence it. These factors are analyzed with various economic indicators that tell us about the overall health of the economy. | Jakub Bohun +44 (0)7743451662 |

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